The Hard Body Mega Challenge is a unique project that takes place three times a year in a 12-week-cycle in over 30 cities in Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro under the guidance of certified Hard Body coaches. Since its initiation in September 2014 there have been 12 Mega Challenges with over 1000 participants in the whole region and extraordinary results have been achieved.

You will find the name of the fitness center and an e-mail address on which you can contact each of the  certified coaches. Certified personal trainers also carry out Mega Challenge as a part of an individual workout. At the beginning and at the end of each 12-week transformation process, all participants undergo a series of measuring and original HB testing as well as photo shooting.

The goal of the HB Mega Challenge is to create a network of over 1000 participants and give them an opportunity to get into the shape of their lives following the Hard Body Workout system and food regiment! The participants will work out in small groups (the so-called semi-individual workout) as well as with a personal trainer.

So, work out for twelve weeks in the Hard Body workout system and get into the shape of your life!

The Hard body group program is led by HB certified coaches and after each group and individual certification the number of certified coaches increases, as well as the number of cities taking part in the HB Mega Challenge.

The program is carried out in small groups with 8-12 participants in a so called semi-personal approach. Each participant gets an initial and final measuring and testing as well as nutrition tips all free of charge. There is also a possibility of winning prizes.

You will gain strength and condition, balance, speed and coordination. You will maximally burn out extra kilos and gain quality muscle mass and definition.

You can register and get additional information from your Hard Body coach

Cities taking part in the HB Mega challenge:

Zagreb, Rijeka, Split, Šibenik, Biograd, Karlovac, Rovinj, Dubrovnik, Pazin, Prelog, Sl. Brod, Brežice, Ilirska Bistrica, Koper, Mostar, Doboj, Čapljina, Livno, Travnik, Sarajevo, Tuzla, Novi Sad, Beograd, Budva

My personal Hard Body transformation story:
Tihana Kljakić
Tihana Kljakić won third place at the 5th regional Hard Body Mega Challenge and she won a HB challenge in participation with the online lifestyle portal Zdrava krava. She worked out at the Dream Gym Sopot in Zagreb and this is her experience!
Congratulations to her with wishes to keep on working out with the same spirit and lifestyle!
“Signing up for the Hard Body Mega Challenge was a milestone in my life, a crossroad where you choose which version of yourself you would like to be – a grumpy, unhappy and sick or a happy, healthy and positive person.”
Hard Body perfectly combines work out and diet. It was hard at times but one you gain discipline it was completely normal, without ever having to be hungry or feeling beat!
This kind of work out suits me perfectly, regarding intensity, diversity and difficulty level, but what I like the most is the approach the coaches take and the way they keep an eye on us doing the exercises in a way that will lead to the desired result quickly!
I cannot even express how great the team is, Tomislav Dolušić, Branimir Dolibašić and the coaches from HB Premium, for their professional approach, kindness and honesty.
I feel really privileged that you chose me for the HB mega challenge.